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What We Do Matters2018-2021 Strategic PlanWhat's New?Check Out our Parent Resource GuideLooking for Ingham County Data?

What We Do Matters

Learn about the work of the Ingham Great Start Collaborative, and how YOU can get involved today!

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2018-2021 Strategic Plan

Be sure to check out the Ingham Great Start Collaborative's Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2021 to learn more about the work of the Ingham Great Start Collaborative!

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What's New?

Catch up on all our latest news!

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Check Out our Parent Resource Guide

Be sure to check out our updated Parent Resource Guide! It can be easily browsed, downloaded or printed!

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Looking for Ingham County Data?

Check out the Ingham Great Start Collaborative data page. It includes helpful links to both statewide and local data to help you write reports and grants.

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scan0042We are a coalition of human service agencies, families and other partners working together to ensure every child from birth to eight in Ingham County has access to a universal, comprehensive and collaborative system of community-based early childhood programs, services and supports.

The Ingham Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is part of the Michigan Great Start partnership with the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) and the Michigan Office of Great Start.


GSC Meeting Calendar

Dates and times of Ingham Great Start Collaborative meetings and work groups.

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Ingham Play & Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups provide activities for families to play alongside their children and explore many developmental domains. Check out the most recent Play and Learn Group Schedule Here

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Great Start Family Coalition

Serves as a sounding board for parent members of the Great Start Collaborative (GSC)

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Family Learning Connection

Learn more about how you can improve your child’s overall experience and achievement in school.

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Great Start to Quality

The best place for families to search for child care and preschool. Check it out today.

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