Act Now for More Child Care Funding

August 24, 2016 – If the Legislature and Administration do not act by September 30, 2016, Michigan is poised to lose over $20 million in federal Child Care and Development Funds (CCDF) – money intended to support low-income working families access high quality child care. Michigan is only a handful of states – and the only Midwest state – that returns CCDF, and no other state has ever returned this level of funding. This is a huge problem given that Michigan has one of the worst child care systems in the nation with the second lowest income eligibility level and the lowest child care subsidy rates in the nation. This funding can be used to ensure high quality child care for low-income working families with children from birth to age 12 are available – opportunities that can ensure children are ready for school and staying academically on-track.

ACTION: Contact your State Representative and Senator today

and tell them to move a fiscal year 2016 supplemental budget bill in September that includes the state match needed – about $6.5 million – to maintain over $20 million in federal child care money.