Ingham Great Start Collaborative

Health Equity & Social Justice Workshops (Fall 2017)

Health Equity facilitators are hosting a three-day workshop for Ingham County Health Department staff and interested community members. There is no fee to participate. The workshop consists of two consecutive days followed by a third day on a separate week. The next series will be held November 15, 16, and 30 at Foster Community Center, 200 N. Foster, Lansing, Michigan.

Workshops run from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day and participation in all three days of the session is expected.

The workshop is dialogue-based and seeks to illuminate racism, classism, and other types of oppression as root causes of health inequity. It is part of a larger effort to transform the practice of public health and other organizations within a social justice framework. The workshop is a nationally recognized model for restoring a social justice/health equity framework for public health practice and other fields of work.

Workshop learning objectives:

The workshop employs each of the following as triggers for dialogue:

In facilitating dialogue on subjects that may be uncomfortable for some participants, workshop leaders work to ensure that a) the point-of-view of the workshop is transparent from the outset, and b) disagreement with that point-of-view is welcomed and encouraged as part of the process of coming to terms with cultural forces that normally discourage a frank discussion of racism, other types of oppression, and their impact on the public’s health.

To register, please click here. Questions about the workshop can be directed to Jessica Yorko, ICHD Health Equity Coordinator, 517-272-4144; 517-281-2096;


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