Save the Date: Webinar on Moving the Bar for Maternal Depression: Strategies that Work

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm EDT

Join HV-ImpACT and nationally recognized faculty from the HV CoIIN, Darius Tandon and Linda Beeber, to explore a system of care for detecting and alleviating maternal depression symptoms by connecting mothers to evidence-based services.¬†Eric Bellamy from the South Carolina awardee will discuss their state’s decision to focus on maternal depression in the HV CoIIN and future steps to spread improvements to other agencies within their state’s home visiting community. Georgia Deal from the Carolina Health Centers, Inc. will describe some of their accomplishments in the Maternal Depression CoIIN.

Participants will gain practical strategies to:

  • Apply screening and crisis response protocols
  • Use motivational interviewing to build the capacity of home visitors to address maternal depression
  • Employ Mothers and Babies to offer in-house evidence-based services

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