Speaking for Kids (March 31, 2017)

State and Federal Budgets Moving Forward

The Michigan Legislature will be home for the next two weeks, and our Congressional Delegation will be home for a couple of weeks in April as well, giving us lots of time and lots of opportunities to talk with them.  With state and federal budget conversations continuing to move forward with opportunities and risks for children, youth and families, it is important to lend our expertise to the conversation.

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Making Hay While Policymakers are Home

With state and federal policymakers making decisions right now about how our public dollars are invested, it is a critical time to make sure that your elected officials understand what is important to children, youth, and families in their communities.  Michigan’s Children is has been working with them too, with specific state budget recommendations on child care, at-risk funding, foster care, and early literacy and family literacy supports.  While they are home on break, let’s make sure they hear from us.

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Moving Michigan Education Into the Top 10

As we’ve talked about before, Superintendent Whiston has framed the work of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) around the goal to become Top 10 Education State in the next 10 years, well now about the next 8… Over the next couple of months, the MDE is holding Innovation Roadshow stops around the state and is asking for participation from local and intermediate school district leaders, and community, business and higher education partners to attend.  They are looking for discussion about current flexibility and innovative practices leading Michigan toward Top 10 goals.

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