Trauma Informed Community Survey – Please Share Your Voice!

Please see the request below from Carol Kehoe, Child Welfare Director for the Ingham County Department of Health and Human Services. Please consider sharing your voice!

The Ingham County Department of Health and Human Services is distributing a survey in an attempt to gain more data about what our community believes the resources and the needs are as we move forward in building a trauma informed community. This information will be used to guide our strategic planning for the Mid- Michigan Trauma Collaborative. Please feel free to distribute the survey to your staff or co-workers, or other agencies who work with children and families as we are trying to reach a broad array of community partners who work with families who may experience trauma. Thank you in advance for your attention and distribution of this survey.

Trauma Informed Community Survey 2017

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact:

Carol Kehoe
Child Welfare Director, Ingham County DHHS
5303 S. Cedar St
Lansing MI 48909