MDHHS Debuts New User-Friendly Assistance Application

Michigan has debuted a more user friendly application for public assistance that is more comprehensive and less than half the size of the previous form.

The streamlined application for food assistance, Medicaid and other benefits now has 18 pages – down from 42 pages in the previous application that was the was the lengthiest in the United States. It has 80 percent fewer words – with 3,904 – and 80 percent fewer questions – with 213.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services began using the new application statewide January 22nd. It combines into a single form application for food assistance, Medicaid, cash assistance, State Emergency Relief and child care assistance.

The new application reflects client needs rather than program needs – a main concept behind the creation of MDHHS in 2015. The new assistance application form can be found on the MDHHS website. It is available to applicants for public assistance benefits at local MDHHS offices. Michigan residents also can apply for assistance online at