Early Learning: OUTSIDE PLAY

Remember playing outside as a child, the sense of freedom and wonder? Outdoor play supports children’s physical development using large muscles to run and jump. Learning is enhanced as children experience new sights, sounds, smells and textures. Children of all ages need to get outside, spring, summer, fall and winter.

• INFANTS: benefit from stroller walks, where they hear outside noises, experience natural light and breezes, and become familiar with the feeling of moving outside. Sitting on the grass provides input of different textures and smells.

• TODDLERS: love the new experiences of being outdoors, and will learn new skills. Walking on different surfaces and slopes lets their muscles learn new ways to support their bodies.

• PRESCHOOLERS: have fun seeing all of the new things outside—birds and squirrels, clouds, sticks and stones. They can use new materials to build or use in different ways. It’s a chance to run, jump and play in ways that are different from being inside.

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