SHARE YOUR VOICE! 2020 Citizen Review Panel for Children’s Trust Fund

Sharing from our partners at Child and Family Charities and Children’s Trust Fund

Please fill out survey for 2020 Citizen Review Panel for Children’s Trust Fund. It’ll take about 7 minutes to fill out and the information gathered will be most helpful. Feel free to pass along to any parent or caregiver of children as well.

2020 Citizen’s Review Panel survey: 

Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) is the state lead for the Citizen Review Panel for prevention.  This survey which targets parents and other caregivers can be a powerful tool in helping us to understand what our parents and other caregivers need to be successful.  These survey results can serve as a voice to influence policy makers, non-profit organizations, educators, CTF and others.  We appreciate your enthusiastic participation in helping us to develop the best survey tool possible.

We appreciate having the responses to us no later than Friday, February 28th.  Feel free to contact me with any other questions that you may have.  Again, we are grateful for your partnering with us in this effort.

Kathy Kelly, MA
Director, Child Abuse Prevention Services
Child and Family Charities
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