PLEASE SHARE: Child Tax Credit Awareness Day


The Child Tax Credit provides major tax relief for nearly all working families in Michigan.
President Biden’s American Families Plan calls for extending this for years and years.
Easy sign up for low-income families to cut child poverty in half.

Michigan parents should file a federal income tax return if they haven’t yet done so or use the non-filer sign-up portal to be eligible for federal Child Tax Credit payments.

  • $3,600 per year per child for children under the age of six
  • $3,000 per year per child for children 6-17 years old
  • Starting on July 15th, tax credits will be issued as a monthly payment and will not count as additional income that could affect a family’s eligibility for public assistance.

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Help Governor Whitmer and President Biden Spread the Word in Michigan!

Engage your communities in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Host or join events, or Zoom calls, at family centers, houses of worship, community centers, and other places that families visit, and pitch to local media.
  • Write/place an op-ed or Letter to the Editor about the importance of the Child Tax Credit in your regional or local media outlet.
  • Organize a webinar with faith and community leaders to tell them about the Child Tax Credit and how they can ensure access to the Child Tax Credit for members of their congregations/communities.
  • Partner with school districts, education leaders, and childcare centers to share information with parents.
  • Raise awareness via social media (post, tweet, partner with an advocacy org for an IG LIVE) using #ChildTaxCredit Attached here is a graphic you can share.

The Child Tax Credit is a game-changing investment that will uplift kids and families in Michigan – we have a real opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives throughout the state. We need your help today and beyond to raise awareness of this powerful tool to fight childhood poverty.

Thanks for sharing with your networks, community partners, and others who may be interested.