Community Health Improvement Plan: We Value Your Feedback!

Sharing from our partners at Ingham County Health Department

The tri-county region Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) process is underway. The CHIP will take four priorities, which were identified through Healthy Capital Counties (Link to full report:, and develop goals, objectives and strategies for each priority area. The CHIP will ultimately help guide work in the tri-counties for the next three years.

The four priorities identified are:

  • Access to Health Care & Quality
  • Behavioral Health
  • Community Safety
  • Safe and Affordable Housing

Starting this week, people across Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties will meet to work on the CHIP. If you would like to participate, please see the attached for meeting times/dates and to register for  the meetings.

Please pass this along to any community partners whom you think might be interested in participating in the CHIP process. Thanks for helping spread the word!

HCC CHIP Stakeholders invitation FINAL