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Ingham GSC 2017 Accomplishments
Ingham GSC 2011 Accomplishments
Ingham GSC 2010 Accomplishments

Action Agendas:
2018-2019 Early Childhood Action Agenda
2017-2018 Early Childhood Action Agenda
2016-2017 Action Agenda Summary
2014-2017 Ingham GSC Action Agenda
2012 Ingham GSC Children’s Action Agenda & Strategic Plan
2010 Ingham GSC Children’s Action Agenda
2009 Ingham GSC Children’s Action Agenda

Ad Hoc Committee on Transportation:
2010 Committee Notes/Recommendations

Ad Hoc Committee on Cultural Competence and Racial Equity:
Presentation to the Ingham Great Start Collaborative (October 2013)
Presentation to the Ingham GSC Operations Committee (November 2013)

CAUW/CRCF Youth Initiatives Budget Summaries:
Years 1-4 Budget Summaries (updated August 2011)
FY 2010-11 Executive Budget Recommendation (Impact on Early Childhood)
FY 2011 Recommended Budget
Year 2 Budget Summary with Revisions
CRCF & CAUW Executive Summary

Community Agency Forums:
Community Agency Forum Summary Report (3.26.2012)

Communication Plans:
Communication Plan (September 2011)
Communication Plan (September, 2008)

Community Reports:
Status of Young Children in Ingham County (2010)
Status of Young Children in Ingham County (2007)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources
Diverse Children’s Book List  (compiled by Outcome Group 2)
MISelf in Books 2020 Book List (compiled by MAME)

Early Childhood Resources:
Ingham Early Learning Calendar
Ingham Family Literacy Calendar for K-1

Early On:
2019/2020 Early On Annual Report
2018/2019 Early On Annual Report
2016/2017 Early On Annual Report
2015/2016 Early On Annual Report
2014/2015 Early On Annual Report
2012/2013 Early On Annual Report
2009/2010 Early On Annual Report

ECIC Documents:
Ingham GSC/GSPC Work Plan FY12 (Sept 2011)
ECIC Implementation Objectives Table (Revised 1.31.2011)
ECIC GSC/FC Workplan FY13 (GEMS Report) August 2012

Great Start Family Coalition:
Strengthening Families Assessment for Ingham Great Start Family Coalition (FY18)
Great Start Family Coalition Goals (June 2018)
Strengthening Families Protective Factors Materials

Great Start System Evaluation Reports:
Ingham GSC Summary Report (April 2018)
Ingham GSC Strategic Plan Review Results (December 2017)

Michigan Office of Great Start:
Great Start, Great Investment, Great Future

Partner Resources
Smoke is Smoke (provided by Ingham Substance Awareness and Prevention)

Early Childhood Outcomes (8.5 x 11)
Early Childhood Outcomes (11×17)
How to Nurture your Child’s Social-Emotional Health

Professional Development (PD) Continuums:
PD Literacy Continuum
PD Social Emotional Continuum
PD Math Continuum
PD Science Continuum

Organizing Statements:
Organizing Statements for Ingham GSC (rev Jan 2012)

Great Start Collaborative and Legal Services (11.15.2017)
ICHD Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment Presentation (10.18.2017)
Two Generation Strategies to Improve Child Well-Being (5.11.2016)
Top 10 for 2 Gen: Policy Ideas & Principles to Advance Two-Generation Efforts (link to PDF)
Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Presentation (4.13.2016)
Children’s Health Access Program (1.13.2016)
Kindergarten Readiness Survey Teacher vs Parent Response Presentation (September 2015)
The Link Between Thriving Children and Economic Security (8.20.2015)
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Ingham County Health Department Immunization Presentation (2.23.2015)
Introduction to 211 Database Training Presentation (1.14.2015)
Video of CCAMPIS @ LCC Program

Progress Reports:
Ingham GSC FY17 Year-End Report
Ingham GSC FY15 Mid-Year Progress Report
Ingham GSC FY14 Year-End Report
Ingham GSC FY14 Mid-Year Progress Report

Read by Grade Three Law Resources:
Read by Grade Three Law: A Parent Guide to Public Act 306
Sample Letter for Parents of Kindergarten Students
Sample Good Cause Exemption Letter from Parents to Superintendent

Resource Guides:
Parent Resource Guide (Updated 5.21.2018)
State of Michigan Centralized Intake for Abuse & Neglect
Home Visiting Programs Chart (revised 9/19/12)

Strategic Plans:
2014-2017 Ingham GSC Strategic Plan

A Toolkit for Working With The Faith Community In Ingham County
Early Childhood is Workforce Development
Kindergarten Readiness Packet
Social Needs Screening Toolkit

GSC Meeting Calendar

Dates and times of Ingham Great Start Collaborative meetings and work groups.

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Ingham Play & Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups provide activities for families to play alongside their children and explore many developmental domains. Check out the most recent Play and Learn Group Schedule Here

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Great Start Family Coalition

Serves as a sounding board for parent members of the Great Start Collaborative (GSC)

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Family Learning Connection

Learn more about how you can improve your child’s overall experience and achievement in school.

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Great Start to Quality

The best place for families to search for child care. Check it out today.

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