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Focus Articles

One of the goals of the Public Awareness Workgroup of the Ingham Great Start Collaborative is to increase support, information, and resources for the community. To reach this goal we have developed a year-long public awareness campaign and calendar highlighting key components of the Great Start Initiative. These key components are:

  • Child care and Early Learning
  • Family Support
  • Parenting Leadership
  • Pediatric and Family Health
  • Social and Emotional Health

To view any of these articles click on the links.  Feel free to reproduce and use these articles in newsletters and other media.  We only ask that credit be given to the Ingham Great Start Collaborative as the source of the information.  Many of the articles are also available in translation, click on the links to open in listed languages.

* Choosing Childcare for your Baby
* Navigating the Child Care Maze
* 10 Signs of a Great Preschool
* Three Ways to Raise A Reader

April: Month of the Young Child
* How To Prepare My Child For Kindergarten

* Becoming A More Effective Parent
* 10 Steps to Positive Parenting
* 9 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear From Their Parents

* Keep Infants Sleeping Safe (KISS)
* Home Food Safety Tips
* Act Now Against Asthma
* Is Your Child Safe From Lead Poisoning?
* Eating Healthy: Promoting Good Eating Habits Early
* Maintaining a Safe Household for Your Child
* Water Safety
* Toy Safety Around the Holidays
* Car Seat Safety

* Tips For Parents Of Children With Challenging Behaviors
* Early Play & Exercise Benefit Children
* Promoting Children’s Social-Emotional Development
* The Power of Play


GSC Meeting Calendar

Dates and times of Ingham Great Start Collaborative meetings and work groups.

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Ingham Play & Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups provide activities for families to play alongside their children and explore many developmental domains. Check out the most recent Play and Learn Group Schedule Here

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Great Start Family Coalition

Serves as a sounding board for parent members of the Great Start Collaborative (GSC)

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Document Library

Important information, files and resources

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Great Start to Quality

The best place for families to search for child care. Check it out today.

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