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Local Leadership Group

Mission Statement:
To fortify and unite the various Home Visiting Programs and the families within Ingham County. The Local Leadership Group (LLG) combines the perspectives of the families who utilize the programs and the work of the home visitors to strengthen home visiting within Ingham County. In addition, this group serves as the advisory committee for the Great Parents, Great Start (GPGS) program.

Are you a parent participating in any of the several home visiting or community-based programs here in Ingham County? Do you use Early Head Start, Great Parents Great Start, Maternal Infant Health Program, Nurse Family Partnership or Parent Infant Program? We are looking for YOU!

Are you a home visitor or program supervisor here in Ingham county? Curious to find out what parents REALLY think about your program? Join us at our monthly meeting, you’ll benefit from the feedback we get from parents!


The Ingham LLG typically meets the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.

Questions about the LLG? Check out the Virtual Orientation Video below:
For more information, please contact LaSean Thompson or Jasmine Tucker.

Questions about Home Visiting in Ingham County? Check out the video below:
To learn more about home visiting programs in Ingham County, click here. For more information, contact LaSean Thompson or Jasmine Tucker.

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