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Strategic Plan & Action Agenda

FY12 Ingham Great Start Collaborative
Strategic Plan & Action Agenda

Table of Contents
I. Cover Page
II. Table of Contents
III. Letter to the Community
IV. Executive Summary
V. Great Start Collaborative Profile & History
VI. Strategic Analysis Findings
Intro to VII & VIII
VII. & VIII. Goals & Strategies (combined chart) and Action Agenda (combined chart)
IX. Financing & Fund Development
X. Appendices
· APPENDIX A – Ingham GSC Organizing Statements (updated Dec. 2011)
· APPENDIX B – Data Tables Spreadsheet
· APPENDIX C – Ingham GSC Community Links
· APPENDIX D – MSU Evaluation Report – Executive Summary
· APPENDIX E – MSU Logic Model for Community Change
· APPENDIX F – MSU Evaluation Report – Networking Analysis

Download the full version of the Strategic Plan and Action Agenda as a PDF file

GSC Meeting Calendar

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Great Start Family Coalition

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