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Great Start Family Coalition

Who We Are…

Operating since 2006, the Ingham Great Start Family Coalition is a network of parents, parent organizations, caring adults, and family members who share resources and information so EVERY child ages 0-8 years old is ready to succeed in school and in life.

What We Do and Why…

As the Ingham Great Start Family Coalition, we provide a “customer” perspective to members of the Ingham Great Start Collaborative (GSC). We help plan and support Ingham’s Early Childhood Action Agenda – that EVERY child ages 0-8 years old is ready to succeed in school and in life. Because parents are children’s first teachers, parent voice is important to the work of the GSC. The Family Coalition helps parents use their family “story” to advocate for their children and also for services they need in their community.

How You Can Help… 

There are many ways for parents and family members to get involved with the Ingham Great Start Family Coalition.

  • Consider becoming a Parent Cafe Facilitator. Wondering what a Parent Cafe is all about? Check out this video!
  • Read and listen to stories with your children.
  • Read e-mail alerts, articles, and announcements about early childhood events. Be sure to check out our Facebook page!
  • Join our listserve.
  • Attend meetings within the Ingham Great Start Network, provide feedback, and ask questions (GSC, LLG, CACS Head Start Policy Council, etc…).
  • Advocate for young children and early childhood policy.
  • Share your parent voice with the Family Coalition and the GSC.

Ingham Family Coalition Meetings

These meetings are an excellent opportunity for parents to meet other parents and families, share their parent voice and learn about resources, services and programs in our community. We hope you will join us!

GSFC April-May 2024 Meeting Flier


For further information contact: Jessica Baker

GSC Meeting Calendar

Dates and times of Ingham Great Start Collaborative meetings and work groups.

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Ingham Play & Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups provide activities for families to play alongside their children and explore many developmental domains. Check out the most recent Play and Learn Group Schedule Here

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Great Start Family Coalition

Serves as a sounding board for parent members of the Great Start Collaborative (GSC)

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Document Library

Important information, files and resources

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Great Start to Quality

The best place for families to search for child care. Check it out today.

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