Ingham Great Start Collaborative


The Ingham Great Start Collaborative has several workgroups organized to work on goals and objectives of the Ingham Early Childhood Action Agenda. Below are summaries of each workgroup. Specific meeting information for each workgroup can be found on the Ingham Great Start Collaborative Calendar

Great Start Family Coalition – A network of parent groups, parent organizations, caring adults and family members that are willing to help plan and support the Ingham Great Start efforts. The members serve as key contacts to a broad range of parent groups to facilitate the exchange of information between the families, parent groups and the Ingham GSC. Contact Parent Liaison, Jessica Baker.

Local Leadership Group (LLG) – The purpose of the LLG is to build the capacity to integrate home visiting services into the early childhood system, providing a governance structure and coordinated system for planning. Contact Kae Dubay.

Operations Committee – The Operations Committee of Ingham GSC is comprised of volunteers from the Ingham Great Start Collaborative and includes broad representation of different sectors of membership, including parents. Contact Michelle Nicholson or Wendy Boyce.

School Readiness Advisory Committee – The Committee discusses the structure and strategies as part of the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) work plan and application, but is focused on school readiness in a broad sense, not just GSRP, throughout the local Great Start system. Contact Gloria Sabourin or Jamie Yeomans.

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